How to get to the Refuge

La senda o picada

Difficulty: easy / medium (from November to April)

 Distance: 14km

Slope: 710 meters above sea level.

Walking time: 4hs-6hs


Starting from the gate ,a few meters from Guardaparque’s house, begins the car track that after 3km takes you to Castaño Overo river, you cross it by the pedestrian bridge and follow the road that ascends a little. Approximately 800 meters after, you will find a sign that marks the detour to Paso de las Nubes, Refugio Agostino Rocca and Lago Frías. 

Take this detour that goes to the right and after 700 meters you will reach Alerce river. The road continues always bordering the river, sometimes next to its shores and sometimes a little further.  After 5km of walking, you will arrive to a bridge that cross the river. A few minutes later, and after skirting the mallín on the left, (you don’t wet your feet as before), the road begins little by little to climb with more slope, and without realizing you are already in the “snail” (rise with zigzag shape with steep slope).

After overcoming the “caracol” the road ascends more smoothly with ascents and descents through a stone canyon and small mallines, until finally arriving at a large green grass mallín from where you can see the refuge that is already nearby.

Crossing the mallín and following the marks that go up to the left in 5 minutes you will be in the Refuge.


with your car

The road to the refuge begins in Pampa Linda, 80km from Bariloche. To get there, travel 35 km on route 40 to the south, until the detour to Tronador,  take the detour through a dirt road and at 10km from the beginning you will arrive to another detour called Los Rápidos (last place with cell phone signal). There you must take the road on the right as indicated by the sign that says “to Tronador”.




From this point the road has a schedule.

 Go to Pampa Linda: from 10:30a.m. to 2p.m. from Los Rapidos del manso.

 Return to Bariloche: from 4pm to 7:30pm from Pampa linda.

 Both ways :from 9:00p.m. to 9:00a.m.

After 35 km of beautiful landscapes you will reach Pampa Linda.

A few meters from the door of the Guardaparque’s house you will see a sign, a car track and a gate where our walk begins.

Using mini bus

Every day the Mini Bus leaves to Pampa Linda from CAB’s (Club Andino Bariloche) door at 8:30 am, arriving at 10:30 am. Returns at 5:30 pm, arriving to Bariloche at 7:30 pm.




To reserve it call to 294 -154213932

GPS coordinates

South: 41º 09.277 S   //  West: 71º 48.355 W   // Height: 1450mts

Mountain Guide

If you want to hire a Mountain Guide, call +54 294 -154655903

Es un lugar acogedor enclavado en una de las más lindas vistas del Parque.

Posee las mejores instalaciones y comodidades que se puedan encontrar hoy en un refugio de montaña.

Contamos con una cocina amplia y bien equipada para brindar un excelente servicio de gastronomía.