The mountain is for everyone but, like all sports, has its rules and accessories. Some sports use balls, other oars and other rackets.

Mountaineering has its own accessories and rules, respect them! Here are some:


Choose the right itinerary


Equip correctly


Check the weather forecast


Know your limits


Notify where you are going

Check the weather before leaving.

 It is important to protect yourself from the weather: wear sunglasses, sunscreen and sun hat, warm gloves, a windbreaker jacket, a coat fleece, warm shoes and spare socks.

Never forget your flashlight

Keep hydrated

The road has plenty of water to recharge the bottle.

In this video we tell you the importance of hydration in sport.

Do not forget to eat on the way

It can be something light, fresh fruits, raisins, dried fruits, cheese, maybe a salami too! It is important to hydrate and feed, take some time for that.

Do not throw garbage on the road

And if you can pick up the one you find.

Take some crocs or espadrilles to be in the refuge.

Walk calmly and without pressure

That everyone arrives, trying to maintain a pace of walking.

If you use canes we recommend this video.

I went up with a sleeping bag

It is important to always carry your sleeping bag.

In this link we tell you how to choose yours.

Don’t worry about wet feet, they always dry out.

You wont be cold while you walk.

It is preferable that you get wet a little while crossing a river rather than bending an ankle for jumping on stones and sticks.

Learn more about Mountain Footwear



Learn how to stay warm in the mountain. Click here.

Don’t worry about zigzag ascent

It all ends…

Start walking as early as possible

Keep in mind that the months of November, March and April the days are much shorter.
It is a cozy place nestled in one of the most beautiful views of the Park.

It has the best facilities and amenities that can be found today in a mountain refuge.