The Refuge

¿How does the Refuge work?

The idea of ​​this section is to tell you about the uses and typical customs of a refuge, in case you have never visited one. So, we hope you can feel comfortable and move with confidence from the moment of arrival.

Upon entering

Upon entering the refuge you will find a cold hall in which you will have to leave your backpack and shoes that, usually, arrive with mud. Here you will find a place to sit and put on a pair of footwear -crocs, espadrilles, slippers or simply socks- This way you help us to keep the place clean (do not worry about the cold, the place is super warm).

Say Hi!

Usually in the kitchen there is always one of the workers of the refuge behind the bar, who should receive you with good vibes and give you some operating indications..


This person will register you, assign you a room or show you where you can camp.

They will also open a “list” for you, this means that only you or your group will have an open account where they will record everything you consume. So, before you leave the refuge you can go to close the account and pay.

Reglas de convivencia

También te explicará que las mochilas quedan en la entrada y que sólo podés entrar con tu bolsa de dormir y algún efecto personal a los cuartos. Esto es importante para mantener el orden y la limpieza del lugar.

Care of the place

It will explain to you that all the waste that you generate with things that you have brought, you must take them with you. It will also indicate you where to throw the organic waste inside the refuge.

We are going to ask you not to throw papers in the toilet when you go to the bathroom and if you brought your own paper, please use it. In the bathrooms you will not find toilet paper, if you need you ask us and we will give you some. This is a way to save effort and be a little more attentive in its use.

Meals at the Refuge

Also at some point we are going to ask you to let us know if you are going to eat any of the meals we offer, so we can organize a time for your dinner and we will do the same for breakfast.

It is a cozy place nestled in one of the most beautiful views of the Park.

It has the best facilities and amenities that can be found today in a mountain refuge.