Walks from the Refuge

Laguna Illón Crossing

It is an interesting alternative to return from the refuge to Pampa Linda, staying overnight in the Ilón lagoon.

The walk to the lagoon will take us between 6 to 8 hours according to our rhythm as we have to climb the Cerro Constitución hill and then descend to climb again to Cerro Mar de Piedra.

Important: In the lagoon is the wild camp of Club Andino Bariloche, we must register and pay the camping fee


We can camp but DO NOT MAKE FIRE so it is necessary to have heater and kitchen equipment. The people of the camp also provide food services and spend the night in tents provided by them to spend the night on the shores of the lagoon with an unbeatable view of the Tronador in all its magnitude.


If you still want to walk in the area before going down it is highly recommended to go to “La Mirada del Doctor” a place also with a spectacular view, you will easily find the sign that indicates the road, the route It will take about 2 hours.


This tour can also be done in reverse form leaving from Pampa Linda and arriving at the Refugio Agostino Rocca, which is also highly recommended

Ascent to the Cerro Constitución

In this place we will be able to enjoy an incredible view of Tronador in all its dimension, its three summits: Pico Internacional Argentino and Chileno, its huge glaciers and its volcanoes Osorno, Puntiagudo and Lanín.

For this ascent you need to have some experience. You have to be able to orientate yourself and to move safely.

It is not an escalation, it is reached walking. At first, crossing the forest of lenga’s trees to then access to an area without vegetation from where the different views begin to be seen: to the west the Tronador, to the northwest the Frías valley, to the south Pampa Linda and to the east the Laguna la Waca and an infinity of mountains.

From this place you reach the summit of the hill.

It is a road that takes about 4/5 hours round trip.

Waterfalls Walk

It’s a short and very pleasant walk. In an area very close to the refuge, only 15 minutes away, you can access a flat place that is below of Tronador’s steep slope edge that separates us from the Alerce glacier. This beautiful place full of large stones, rivers and flowers, has a beautiful view of huge waterfalls

You can approach some of them until almost under the waterfall, others you should look at them from the distance, but there is one you can go through from behind. 

It is a very beautiful place where you can appreciate an impressive view towards the whole “Paso de las Nubes”.

Crossing that connects Refugios Agostino Rocca and Otto Meiling.

Undoubtedly, one of the most attractive routes that can be made in the mountains of Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi because of the beauty of the environment, the variety of environments that are transited, its accessibility and the comforts provided by the refuges.

Of the total 4 hours that it takes to complete its journey between the refuges, the glacier transit covers one hour, being flat almost in its entirety and with a difficulty of low to moderate depending on the condition of the snow cover. Here we will see cracks in the ice and the normal safety protocols for this type of terrain that involve, among other things, the group tie-in. The rest is a walk on steep stones and a very panoramic edge with spectacular views over the Frías and Alerce glacial basins, with its forests, cliffs, waterfalls, lagoons and snowdrifts.

For this journey, it is mandatory to have technical knowledge of glacier transit, otherwise it must be done with a High Mountain Guide. If you want to hire a Mountain Guide, call +54 294 -154655903

It is a cozy place nestled in one of the most beautiful views of the Park.

It has the best facilities and amenities that can be found today in a mountain refuge.