Frequent Questions

1- Is it necessary to previously book?

It will be mandatory to go up with reservation

2- Can I pay with credit card?

We only accept cash. 

At the shelter we do not have internet or any type of signal, that is why the payment is only in cash.
Normally we do not accept transfers in advance for the services since, for example, National Parks can close the access trail due to weather conditions and you cannot go up when you had planned, or when you arrive at the refuge you decide to change your mind about what you were planning to consume upstairs, etc. .
You have to keep in mind that the refuge is in the middle of the mountain, this makes communication difficult and it is very difficult to cancel payments, make returns or changes that are decided up on the mountain, we do not have an office in the city.
That is why it seems to us that the simplest thing for everyone is to pay in cash upstairs at the shelter for the services that are consumed there. All meals and services are well discriminated in the rates so that you can freely choose the option that you like best and thus adjust your budget.

3- Is there phone reception?

There is not phone reception or wifi.

4- Is it necessary to book the boat tickets?

The tickets for the boat that goes back to Bariloche from Puerto Frías can be booked here Turisur

5- Which is the timetable of the boat’s arrival and departure?

The boat leaves Puerto Frías at 14:30 hs, navegates for 20 minutes, then you go to Puerto Blest on a minibús for 3 km, where you will take another boat to Puerto Pañuelo (Llao Llao). You will arrive around 19:30hs. The price includes it all.

6- Can i buy the boat tickets at the refuge?


7- Which is the boat’s price?

Check the prices here Turisur.

8- Is it possible to rent a sleeping bag?

You can rent one at the refuge, send us an email to book it.

 9- Which are the accommodation’s or meal’s prices?

Check the prices here.

10- Which is the price of the minibus?

Check the mini bus fone here

11- Where do i take the minibus?

It leaves from the Club Andino Bariloche’s builiding.

12- Which is the timetable of the minibus?

It leaves from the Club Andino Bariloche’s builiding at 8 hs and it gets back from Pampa Linda at 17 hs, arriving at 19 hs.

13- Which is the timetable of the Pampa Linda’s road?

From Bariloche to Pampa Linda: 10:30 to 14 hs.

From Pampa Linda to Bariloche: 16 to 19:3 hs.

Both ways: 21 hs to 10:30 am.

14- Are children capable of doing the hike?

Children around 8 months can be carried on a baby backpack carrier. At 5/6 years old they can walk on their own. It’s important to take your time. Always consult your pediatrician. This is just a comment based on experience.

15- Are there any walks to do near the refuge?

There are different options (view more).

16- Is it possible to cook at the refuge?


17- Does the accommodation’s price includes the possibilty of using the kitchen?


18- It is possible to camp in the refuge area?

National Parks since January 2023 prohibited camping in the refuge area

Consult the National Parks office for authorized camping areas