Frequent Questions

1- Is it necessary to previously book?

It will be mandatory to go up with reservation 

2- Can I pay with credit card?

We only accept cash. 

3- Is there phone reception?

There is not phone reception or wifi.

4- Is it necessary to book the boat tickets?

The tickets for the boat that goes back to Bariloche from Puerto Frías can be booked here Turisur

5- Which is the timetable of the boat’s arrival and departure?

The boat leaves Puerto Frías at 14:30 hs, navegates for 20 minutes, then you go to Puerto Blest on a minibús for 3 km, where you will take another boat to Puerto Pañuelo (Llao Llao). You will arrive around 19:30hs. The price includes it all.

6- Can i buy the boat tickets at the refuge?


7- Which is the boat’s price?

Check the prices here Turisur.

8- Is it possible to rent a sleeping bag?

You can rent one at the refuge, send us an email to book it.

 9- Which are the accommodation’s or meal’s prices?

Check the prices here.

10- Which is the price of the minibus?

Check the mini bus fone here

11- Where do i take the minibus?

It leaves from the Club Andino Bariloche’s builiding.

12- Which is the timetable of the minibus?

It leaves from the Club Andino Bariloche’s builiding at 8 hs and it gets back from Pampa Linda at 17 hs, arriving at 19 hs.

13- Which is the timetable of the Pampa Linda’s road?

From Bariloche to Pampa Linda: 10:30 to 14 hs.

From Pampa Linda to Bariloche: 16 to 19:3 hs.

Both ways: 21 hs to 10:30 am.

14- Are children capable of doing the hike?

Children around 8 months can be carried on a baby backpack carrier. At 5/6 years old they can walk on their own. It’s important to take your time. Always consult your pediatrician. This is just a comment based on experience.

15- Are there any walks to do near the refuge?

There are different options (view more).

16- Is it possible to cook at the refuge?


17- Does the accommodation’s price includes the possibilty of using the kitchen?


18- It is possible to camp in the refuge area?

National Parks since January 2023 prohibited camping in the refuge area

Consult the National Parks office for authorized camping areas